Custom File Type Support For Duplicates Cleaner Prime

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for a long time we have been working on adding custom file type support to provide flexibility for users, & today we are glad to say that it has been implemented in Duplicates Cleaner Prime

this powerful new feature which shall be available in upcoming update ( > Version 1.2.3 ) enables users to scan literally any kind of file type they can think of & we made sure that no system critical file type such as .exe is selected by mistake, your security is our prime concern, please follow below steps to add custom file type extensions to app settings

  1. Open “Settings” page
  2. Click on “Add” button to open dialog
  3. Enter file type extensions you like in the format of extension name followed by comma -> “txt,iso,cad,sav” (format is marked in bold)
  4. Now click on “Add” to confirm the extensions
  5. Now click on “Ok” to save the settings
  6. Navigate to home page
  7. Click on “Scan Duplicate Custom File Types”
  8. Duplicates for the defined file types are found 🙂

we have also prepared a brief demo which shows how to use this new feature, please see that below

we hope you like it, if you have any concerns comment below to let us know 🙂

12 Comments on "Custom File Type Support For Duplicates Cleaner Prime"

  1. Really is a great piece of software as far as I can get it to go – very fast, safe and all for a very reasonable price. However, I can’t find a way of getting it to compare files of all types in one scan – I’m not too bothered whether it’s .mp3 .jpeg .doc etc – I just want it to find duplicates of any kind in one scan. I would also like it to find duplicates in the download folder, but an outright ban on dealing with .exe files prohibits this. While I can see that a strong warning is important with this file type, could the user not be allowed to make the choice?


    1. Hi John!
      1) we didn’t include scanning all file types in one go because most of the time the results overwhelm the user & more over the file type uniformity is destroyed, when audio files & image files are combined to be shown in the results, the layout looses it’s optimization causing poor user experience.
      2) in upcoming update you can scan “.exe” file types with out any restrictions, hence no worries there.

      we really appreciate for taking your time & providing us such a valuable feedback, have a great day 🙂


  2. Using Duplicates Cleaner, trying to use the ‘Scan Duplicate Audio Files’ but continue to get the message “File Processing failed! Try again, if the issue persists please contact us through Support section (?!?) on home page.” Couldn’t find “Support section” so decided to purchase Prime thinking that would be the solution. Received the same message. Each time I try to run it on the audio files, it gets anywhere from 69% to 82% done and then the message pops up and never gets any further. What do I need to do to get this to work?


    1. Hi Brenda!
      you need not worry, please send us a mail detailing the issue to ‘’, we shall resolve it swiftly.


        1. Hi Richard!
          Please navigate to app listing in microsoft store & you should see “Update” button below app icon, please click the button, let us know if you still face any issues 🙂


  3. Looking forward to trying out Software, This Microsoft Store, is useless, can’t even get free version,please keep me up to date, currently 11 TB, online, & 3 TB in storage, need to clean all junk, on those ones.


    1. Hi graham!
      our app definitely helps in cleaning unnecessary files on your PC, please install our app from Here , if you face any issues let us know, have a great day 🙂


    1. Hi Eugene!
      the updated version 1.3.0 is in certification process, it should be available soon, once the update is installed you can utilize the new feature 🙂


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