Duplicates Cleaner On Android Platform

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we are happy to announce that very soon our highly successful app Duplicates Cleaner shall be available on android platform, it is currently under “Internal test build”, we shall release a “Beta build” mostly by the end of this month, on this account we invite everyone (who ever are interested in this) to participate in our beta release & provide your valuable feedback to us, send a mail to our support (support@kaeroscorps.com) with your registered play store ID to participate in this early release event. (Note: Android device should be running Version 5 Lollipop & above), your participation is highly “appreciated & rewarded”, please share this with your friends & relatives who possess android devices.

we have come this far on windows only through you steady support & feedback, hope to continue the same on android platform, let us know your thoughts through comment section below, we wish you a happy christmas holiday season & a happy new year, good luck 🙂

4 Comments on "Duplicates Cleaner On Android Platform"

    1. Hi Miller!
      it is already available for windows 10 PC, in addition the app shall be available on android platform very soon, if you are interested please send us your google play store ID, your participation is highly appreciated 🙂


  1. I’m happy to hear about the duplicate cleaner comes to android platform, and I would be try it when is aviable.

    Best regards
    Ferenc Deak


    1. Hi Deak!
      Please send your google play store ID to our support email (support@kaeroscorps.com), your participation is highly appreciated 🙂


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