Duplicates Cleaner – Beta For Android Released!

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we are glad to announce that beta version for android has been released, all the beta testers who have contacted us can install it from link Here, please sign in to google play store using the gmail ID you provided us, if you are having issues let us know, once again thanks for all those who participated in this, have a great day 🙂

Note: Please “copy the provided playstore link  & paste it explicitly in the google chrome browser address bar” of your device & make sure that you are signed in using the gmail ID you provided us.


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10 Comments on "Duplicates Cleaner – Beta For Android Released!"

    1. Hola noemí
      Puede usar nuestra aplicación para limpiar duplicados innecesarios y recuperar el espacio de disco seguro 🙂


  1. Worked very well.I wanted to get rid of the many duplicates I had created and your app got rid of them in seconds.


    1. Hi Raj!
      Please contact us (support@kaeroscorps.com) with your registered gmail ID, you can test it right away 🙂


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