PDF Jack – Windows 10 Platform Compatibility

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We want to share an important news regarding our PDF Jack app, beginning from ‘Version 7.5.3‘ all upcoming release updates are available to customers running windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393) & above, if you are using Build below 14393 we request you to update at the earliest to get latest features & updates on PDF Jack, if you have any concerns do share with us in comment section below 🙂

Note:Version 7.5.3‘ isn’t yet released to store, but once it is available the above conditions apply

4 Comments on "PDF Jack – Windows 10 Platform Compatibility"

  1. This does not explain how to get the update. I currently have Version 7.5.2
    I recently upgraded Windows 10.


    1. Hi Arthur!
      Version 7.5.3 isn’t released yet, it should be delivered soon to customers using Build 14393 & above, no worries 🙂


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