Launching Premium Subscription For PDF Jack

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we are glad to introduce “Premium Subscription” service for PDF Jack  to take your productivity levels to peak!, one can get numerous benefits under this as stated below

  • Complete access to all existing premium features/add-ons in app.
  • Access to all upcoming new features & add-ons at free of cost.
  • One to One premium technical support (Remote).
  • Priority support compared to normal user.
  • Exclusive access to beta versions prior to new version release.
  • Free access to upcoming benefits which shall be introduced in future.

All these “Exclusive Premium Benefits” for just ‘5$’ a month which is just ‘0.16$‘ a day!, we know very well that your time is a lot valuable than just a single dollar, please note that this service is ‘Entirely Optional‘ (but recommended for productivity boost), no kind of changes (or) extra charges for app core functionality & enhancements, in case of any concerns feel free to comment your thoughts, we are here to help you 🙂

Note: if you have previously purchased any of our add-on such as “Drop Merge” (or) “File Push” you can avail our subscription pack at “40% flat discount!” for limited period.

4 Comments on "Launching Premium Subscription For PDF Jack"

  1. I am not that tech savvy but I use PDF Jack a lot for my paper work, i might need the “Support” thing of yours & it is good to see that you didn’t forget your customers who supported you through add-on purchase, if i can really get 40% discount i am in for this service.


    1. Hi Dennis!
      Yes! you can get the service at 40% discount, you need not worry regarding this, have a great day 🙂


  2. Whilst being a very satisfied user,I have a problem with paying extra for anything I have previously purchased.


    1. Hi Kerry!
      you need not worry, core functionality of the app & it’s core updates are always free of cost at base price, the subscription is entirely “Optional”, if you have several mission critical tasks this might help you a lot, if you have any other concerns feel free to contact our support 🙂


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