SD Card Scan Guidelines (Android)

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In android accessing SD card files requires a special exclusive permissions from user, to make things as simple as possible for you we came up with “SD Card Registration” process, just follow below steps

  • Make sure SD card is detectable by device
  • Go to app “Settings” page & change scan location setting to “SD Card Memory”
  • Go to home screen & click any type of “Scan” (image, audio etc…)
  • You are prompted to choose SD card location
  • Select SD card ‘root’ location as shown below
  • If SD card isn’t visible select ‘show SD card’ as shown below

once all steps are done you are good to go, if you face any issue please contact our support email (

Note: Scanning SD card takes a bit more time (depends on file count) when compared to internal storage, please be patient while “Analysis” phase is in progress, once it’s completed the detected duplicates are shown.

Note: Those who are unhappy with scan speed please see our post Here

8 Comments on "SD Card Scan Guidelines (Android)"

  1. “SD Card Scan Guidelines
    “In android accessing SD card files
    exclusive permissions from user, …”

    If that permission is similar to the permission needed to access other folders, I have experienced that to a fair amount. I am finally getting used to that requirement.


    1. Hi Rick,
      yes the permission thing is similar to permission needed to access other folders, if you are already used to it then it should be very simple for you 🙂


  2. It makes perfect sense that the higher the file count, the longer the scan will take. That’s where Duplicate Cleaner can shine, because of it’s superior scanning speed! Whatever the scanning speed, we can be confident that it will be faster than other duplicate finder apps. Right?


    1. Yes rick, we are trying very hard to bring best possible performance with each update, you need not worry, this is a very long term project & what you see right now is just the beginning, our aim is to eliminate all kinds of complexities & provide best value to our customers in very simple way 🙂


  3. I see the SD card has been detected but I see analyzing in the window and it never stops analyzing! Please advise what to do to correct this or remove my premium membership. Thank you very much!


    1. Hi Louis,
      Just be patient, it takes some time to scan SD card when compared to internal storage, once complete analysis is done you should see detected duplicates, you need not worry regarding anything 🙂


      1. Hi Louis,
        Please contact our support email (, your issue shall be resolved 🙂


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