Sample Benchmark PDF Jack Version 7

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we have already published beta version to interested users & made 3 iterations which included fixes & performance improvements to app, today we performed a benchmark test of merge performance of new version PDF Jack version 7 & current version 6 , below are the results we got

  • Version 6 took 5:33 (MM:SS) with memory usage of 1230 – 1250 MB approximately to merge 26 files which totals to 13000 pages approximately
  • Version 7 took just 38 second with memory usage of 620 – 700 MB which is several times better than current version 6

if any one is interested & yet not using beta version please contact us, regarding any kind of other queries comment here so that we can respond instantly to them, have a great day 🙂

2 Comments on "Sample Benchmark PDF Jack Version 7"

  1. I need to rearrange the pages in my PDF , so I go to thumbnail view and I try to move the pages around, and its not doing anything with my mouse actions. Might be better if you can drag it for pc users. That would be so much easier for me. Just a thought.


    1. Hi Terry
      we have taken care of that in our new version (PDF Jack 7) , rearranging pages is a lot more simpler & much better in the new version which shall be released very soon.


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