Duplicates Cleaner Prime Released For PC Windows 10

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we are glad to announce that advanced version of our free app D.C (Duplicates Cleaner) has been just released to store with name Duplicates Cleaner Prime , we decided to name it “Prime” because users shall get lot of extra features in continuous manner unlike other apps with fixed feature set, we received a lot of positive feedback from thousands of users around the globe for our free version & we are thankful for that

In our prime version users can get below extra features

  • Selecting multiple folders at once for scanning quickly
  • Backup all files before deletion which eliminates fear of loosing important files accidentally if any & we can proudly say that no other app provides such feature in store
  • Selecting scan preference such as looking duplicates having same name (or) same content

as said we shall continuously add lot of extra exciting features, if you liked our free version & want to support our efforts to give best apps please get our prime version Here , have a great day 🙂


6 Comments on "Duplicates Cleaner Prime Released For PC Windows 10"

  1. Hi,
    I bought Duplicates Cleaner Prime, and it works well, but I have one question. Is there a way to prioritize which folder gets chosen to be saved (the golden lines)?
    Sorry to ask here, I was unable to find another Help area.


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