Duplicates Cleaner Version 2.0.1 Performance Improvements (Android)

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we are glad to announce that Duplicates Cleaner performance is improved by a huge margin in version 2.0.1, find the benchmark results below for reference.

  • Found 2187 duplicates on SD card in 4 minutes 18 seconds in version 2.0.0
  • Found 2187 duplicates on SD card in 0 minutes 46 seconds in version 2.0.1

the update shall be available soon on play store, feel free to share your thoughts below 🙂

6 Comments on "Duplicates Cleaner Version 2.0.1 Performance Improvements (Android)"

  1. According to kaeros:
    file size which are minute in size are simply ignored by our app (Duplicates Cleaner).

    I expect an update to cure this issue otherwise this app is incomplete.


  2. Doesn’t work on SD Card.

    I clicked “same name” or “same content” and SD Card.

    I put duplicate files on SD Card for testing.

    What am I doing wrong? It works great on iinternal memory.


      1. I cant even find that support email? I keep on looking for that instruction as to how to scan for duplicates on SD Card. I even purchased the app. Need support asap pls. Thanks


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