Improved Duplicates Cleaner Performance

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we are glad to announce that the upcoming update for Duplicates Cleaner & Duplicates Cleaner Prime has great performance enhancements in file deletion, for more information see our test benchmark results below

Time taken to delete 250 files

  • Current version : 20 seconds
  • Upcoming version : 9 seconds

That’s almost 50% gains in performance, we hope you like our efforts, feel free to comment your thoughts below 🙂

6 Comments on "Improved Duplicates Cleaner Performance"

  1. Couldn’t get my question to go through Support – kept telling me “went wrong”. hoping I can get an answer here:
    Just purchased the Duplicate Cleaner Prime. Is there a guidelines or manual for this APP, please. I forget “how it works” if I don’t use it all the time.


    1. Hi Rebecca,
      click on “Scan Images” & select required folders, it is as simple as that, if you still require any other assistance feel free to contact our support 🙂


  2. Hi, quick question, I have “Mega” cloud storage app, one folder in the app called “music” has loads of duplicate tracks, is there any way I could use “duplicates cleaner” to remove the duplicates ?


    1. Hi Ronald,
      if the tracks are “present on your device storage” (locally), then you can use our app, delete them & sync up back to cloud 🙂


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